The Scheme: Context

Following targeted support to UCML representative groups in the devolved regions/jurisdictions, UCML has made available small-scale grant funding to facilitate projects that support the languages mission and values of the organisation.

Indicative projects to be supported include:

  • Support for research events/workshops that relate to languages, literature and area studies
  • Support for pedagogy events/workshops that relate to languages, literature and area studies
  • Support for work or publications that enables impact and public engagement promoting a Languages mission and values
  • Support for events that promote and develop university-school partnership for languages
  • Bursaries for PGR and Early Career Researchers to attend events that relate to Languages research and/or professional development as a Languages scholar
  • Bursaries to support colleagues with childcare responsibilities to attend conferences or comparable events

The UCML small grants sub-group has further specified that bids requesting support for Open Access funding or fees/honorary for speakers at events are not considered to meet the terms of the scheme.

Funds available

UCML will reserve £4,000 p.a to the scheme (September to September). It will accept bids of between £250.00 and £800.00. Matched funding from other sources is welcomed. Once the funding has been exhausted in a given cycle, no further funding will be made available in that year in order to ensure sustainability.

Eligibility criteria

Colleagues at UCML member HEIs or UCML-affiliated organisations, including academic and professional services colleagues, researchers and postgraduate research and postgraduate taught students. 

Decision-Making Process

A rotating panel of 4 members of the UCML Executive Committee will assess and adjudicate on bids submitted. Decisions will be made on a quarterly basis (October, February, May, August) and formally announced at the two Executive Committee meetings in the year. 

Criteria for Success

  1. That the project supports, develops and extends the Languages mission of UCML
  2. That the project is fully accessible and available to members of UCML and the broader academic community
  3. That the project advocates for an open and inclusive approach to Languages scholarship
  4. That recipients of bursaries and awards are committed to supporting the civic mission of the organisation and partnership working with other languages stakeholders


To apply, please send a completed application form, providing the following: 

  • Name/Institution/UCML Affiliate Organisation
  • Funding project/activity (including substantiating documentation, such as conference/workshop programme, if appropriate)
  • Date(s) of activity/event
  • Fit with criteria for success

Applications are assessed quarterly, the dates for 2020-2021 are as follows:

  • 18 September 2020
  • 22 January 2021
  • 23 April 2021
  • 23 July 2021

Upon receipt of an award, successful awardees pledge to provide a short report (up to 300 words) and/or visual record for inclusion on the UCML website. They should include acknowledgement of UCML support on all outcomes and materials.

Outcomes and Reports of Successful Projects