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If you wish for your organisation to join UCML please contact us at

Membership for UK HEIs is £200 per annum.

Associate membership costs £100 per annum.  Associate membership is open to Universities in other countries and other organisations and associations who wish to affiliate themselves to UCML.

UK Subject Associations who become Associate Members are invited to liaise through the relevant member of the Executive Committee, to ensure that their interests are represented by UCML in its lobbying activities and in the planning and content of plenary meetings and workshops. Executive Committee members are listed in the About Us section of this site. Please also visit the list of member Subject Associations with links to their websites.

Members of UCML are invited to attend two plenary meetings per annum which are usually held in London in January and July each year. They are also invited to attend workshops organised by UCML.

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If you are already a member of UCML, click here to renew your annual membership online.

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If your organisation is a member of UCML, you may join the ucml mailing list. Please do so by filling out the form below, or by emailing
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