UCML Year-long mentoring scheme – application process

The UCML Early Career Academic Support Network seeks to establish a limited number of mentoring partnerships for UK ECAs which will last for one year from September 2021 to September 2022. These partnerships will result from an annual call for applications, and are intended for early-career academics who are affected by precarity and either:

  1. do not currently hold an academic position;
  2. are working in academia in the UK but have no access to mentoring or support from within their institution. 

These partnerships will support the overall career development of the selected mentees through advice on matters such as honing future research plans, developing the content of an academic CV, managing teaching loads to enable research time, and shaping funding applications. This partnership is likely to take the shape of monthly meetings – probably online or by telephone – in line with a plan of action agreed between the mentee and the mentor. NB. these are not intended to cross-over with the aims of the Support Network’s one-off support scheme (see https://university-council-modern-languages.org/early-career-academics/eca-support-network/)

Mentees will be selected on the basis of a) availability of a suitable mentor on the network database to match with the applicant’s field, mentoring needs etc.; b) the absence of support structures in the mentee’s current professional situation. Mentees from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Any questions can be directed to the scheme’s coordinator, Dr Hannah Scott, at ecasn.contact@gmail.com

Application form

Application deadline for the 2021-22 scheme: noon on September 3rd 2021